The Only Race-Mixing I Support: Jews and Blacks

I firmly hold that race-mixing is intrinsically evil and never to be allowed or done. However, there is one exception which I hold as moral on utilitarian grounds, and that is the mixing of blacks and jews. I say blacks and jews as opposed to jews and other non-whites because the result from other non-white, non-black and jew mixing is not necessarily something hideous. But my reasoning is quite simple: the reason jews have been successful as a diaspora in Europe and European countries is because they look very much like Whites. And after multiple generations of mixing with Whites, some jews look completely indistinguishable from Whites. This presents the problem of visceral identification. Patrick Slattery once remarked that he would rather be ruled by Chinese than by jews, because if Chinese ruled the West as jews do today, we’d all know it. The reason we would know is simple physiognomy: Chinese people look nothing like Whites, they can’t blend in. Consequently, if Americans saw the majority of Biden’s cabinet looking like China, they’d start to ask questions. This is impossible with jews, because while the jewish phenotype is distinct from Whites no doubt, it is too fine a distinction for the majority of people who don’t spend their time on Wikipedia’s Early Life sections to notice. Among Whites, jews are just very hard to pick out, unless you know specifically what phenotype to look for. And if you know what phenotype to look for, chances are you are Redpilled on the JQ already.

However, if all jews started mixing with blacks, jews would quickly become recognizable, not as jews, but as something other than White. I don’t expect such mixing to occur on a grand scale anytime soon, and demographically, jews are already having a population replacement problem, due to their irreligiosity. The woman in the picture above is probably someone you don’t know. Her name is Monica Raymond, and she is an American television actress who is half-Jewish, half-Dominican (a type of Hispanic). If I showed you her picture and asked you her race, you’d probably say black or Hispanic. Now, jews mixing with blacks raises the problem of identification again, because if jews start looking black, no one will be able to identify them as jews. All they will see are blacks. I don’t know if jews mixing with blacks will change anything, but if it makes them easier to identify as not White, it does some good. But just think about it: imagine if every jew looked like Monica Raymund, or even more non-White? The only true solution to the Jewish Question is to abolish the jewish diaspora in the West and repatriate all jews to Israel. Until that happens, any resistance to jewish influence is truly futile.


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