Biden: Too Many Biracial Couples in Ads

The first townhall Biden attended as President was loaded with gaffes, but none juicier than this one.

I’m going to say something that’s going to get me in trouble, which I couldn’t go through a whole show without doing that. And that is that, think about it. If you want to know where the American public is, look at the money being spent in advertising. Did you ever five years ago think every second or third ad out of five or six you would turn on would be biracial couples?”

I watched the entire townhall, and in context he is clearly saying that this race-mixing in ads is a positive. But to answer his question, it was all so predictable. Monopolistic jewish ownership of advertising firms, combined with the religious-like obsession with diversity has created a tsunami of interracial couples displaying in mass marketing. It is everywhere, the most popular combination being black man, white woman, even though this is the least common interracial relationship in the real world, as well as the most destructive and unstable. Please see the articles from Counter Currents below for more information on the stats. I guarantee, with all the talk of Biden being bad for Whites, he will commit more unintentional racisms then Trump all day long. And the best part is no will know about it, except dissidents. I will leave you with one final thought, which is perhaps tired but important: imagine if Trump had said this, what the media response would’ve been?


Biden Talks Diversity At CNN Town Hall: Look How Many Biracial Couples Are In Advertisements

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