Facebook Bans Australians from Viewing ALL News as Parliament Debates New Crippling Legislation

The Australian parliament is currently debating legislation that would require social media companies to pay newspapers for content. Facebook has responded with a blackout.

The social networking company on Wednesday said that people and publishers in Australia will no longer be able to share or see any news from local or international outlets. The decision appears to be the most restrictive move Facebook has ever taken against content publishers. The company’s action comes after months of tension with the Australian government, which has proposed legislation that would force tech platforms to pay news publishers for content. The decision effectively makes good on a threat Facebook made during a hearing in Australia’s senate last month, when the company suggested it could block content in the country if the bill becomes law. The news ban has already been met with confusion and criticism in the country. Fire and emergency services, domestic violence charities, state health agencies and other organizations said they were also affected by the restrictions, prompting outrage among those who said Facebook was restricting access to vital information. In response, the company has said it will reverse pages “inadvertently impacted” by its move.

The definition of corporate capture of government, by leftists, is fascism. But this isn’t fascism, it is just capitalism taken to its logical conclusion. For if everything is a market, nothing isn’t a market. Therefore, even government is up for sale, or at least able to be coerced by markets. Imagine if another country had effectively shutdown access to news in Australia? Liberals blamed Russia for attacking American infrastructure, but really the threat is coming from our own backyard.

One of the first articles I ever published on my blog was my view that social media cannot just simply be regulated, but must be owned by government. I offered the analogy of the Post Office doing basic banking services at one time, as a way to perhaps fix this problem. If YouTube was owned by the Post Office, it would be impossible for censorship to occur. “But muh innovation!” All innovation has happened because of government. You could even make the argument that, since the internet is the property and product of the government, everything on it belongs to the government. I am of course speaking of the Pentagon’s DARPA project, which effectively created the internet. As a staunch anti-capitalist, I firmly believe and empirical experience proves that certain things should not be an aspect of business. A few examples would be emergency services, healthcare, education, the environment, national defense, basic utilities, housing, sex and the internet. These should not be commodities, but in an advanced society with the capacity that we have, should be guaranteed as political rights to all citizens.


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