I’m Now on CloutHub!

I have long said that the market solution to the free speech problem on tech sites is no solution at all. Simply creating your own twitter or YouTube will subject the platform to lawsuits and endless pressure to censor. That said, in my own interest of broadening my readership, I will cautiously join an alt-tech site that at least promises some viability. Unfortunately, due to the problem of conservatives being censored, many of these sites, such as Gab and Parler, become right-wing echo chambers for Republicans. While I would rather talk to the world, until government intervenes, which won’t happen anytime soon by the looks of it, we have to settle for mere survival. To that end, I have decided to join a new social media site, which is basically Parler 2.0. Unfortunately, it is a right-wing echo chamber, but that notwithstanding, I will use it to share my articles. My account is linked below, sign up if you so choose.


Site: https://www.clouthub.com/home
Archive: https://archive.vn/CqLJV

My account: https://app.clouthub.com/public/f79ac89a-4bb9-46ce-b01e-9205404aee74
Archive: https://archive.vn/qHLvk

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