South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster Signs First 2021 Abortion Ban

It is impossible for me to take Republicans seriously when they say they are the pro-life party, yet support wars, race-mixing, diversity, corporate healthcare, refuse to protect people through regulations and only pass prolife bills as political gambits never to be enforced. That said, there is perhaps no greater example of the sickness of the left than its obsession with abortion, a thoroughly stomach-turning process to even think about, as a moral good to celebrated and vigorously defended.

Abortion-rights advocates say the legislation is the first major abortion restriction passed out of a statehouse in 2021.The law would effectively prohibit abortions as early as six weeks of pregnancy, before many people know they’re pregnant. There are narrow exceptions including in cases of rape or incest or if the life of the pregnant person is at risk. Doctors who perform an abortion on a victim of rape or incest will be required to report the allegations to law enforcement, including contact information for the pregnant person. Doctors will face a felony charge and possible fines and incarceration if they violate the law. Pregnant people who violate the law do not face charges. South Carolina’s ban goes into effect upon signing, though abortion-rights advocates immediately filed a lawsuit to stop its implementation. It’s unclear how quickly a court will respond to a request in the lawsuit for an injunction. Republican lawmakers who support near-total abortion bans have indicated that they’re advancing these bills to bring such legislation in front of a conservative-leaning Supreme Court. In mid-January, abortion-rights advocates estimated that they’ve tracked more than 100 bills filed in statehouses this year around the country that would curtail abortion access. One month later, they said that tally is now up to more than 200 bills. Upon signing the bill into law, South Carolina Republican Gov. Henry McMaster said: “This is a great day. It’s a happy day. There’s a lot of happy hearts beating right now all across South Carolina.”

I am generally pro-life, in that I want to create a healthier and more badass White race. I am pro-choice in that I do see certain situations in which political resources should not be used to punish wrongdoing, rape, incest and quality of life being the main ones. In other words, while I don’t condone abortion, under a government run by me, I would never devout police time to prosecuting rape victims for having abortions. I just think solving other problems, like getting the rapists behind bars and increasing the socioeconomic status of people so that “unwanted pregnancies” decrease overall, would be better time spent.

There is a liberal tendency in both right and left to see a problem that hampers progress towards their own abstract utopia they want to build, and then to stick the political dogs on the problem as though all moral evils can be solved concretely. This is utter nonsense. There will always be moral evil in the world, no matter what your definition of moral evil is. But always making the mere existence of moral evil a political problem to be solved distracts from the finite resources that could be used to solve problems actually solvable. If I could trade all the abortions done on healthy White babies conceived consensually, for exceptions in the case of race-mixing, incest, rape and severe birth defects, which collectively count for a fraction of all abortions anyway, I would do it. In other words, if the price for saving tens of millions of healthy White babies is a tradeoff involving the decriminalization of abortion in the aforementioned four cases, which in all amounts to a few thousand annually, and even less with greater government care, there is no question that it would be the moral choice.



South Carolina governor signs near-total abortion ban into law
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SC governor signs abortion ban; Planned Parenthood sues

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster Signs Bill to Ban Abortions When Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins

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