NYC Public Schools’ 8 White Identities are Kinda Awesome ft. jew Mark Federman and Negro Barnor Hesse

We already know that diversity means less White people, because if it meant actual diversity, White people wouldn’t be the targets of discrimination. It is kind of refreshing when the forces of White genocide show their hand.

A New York City school principal is asking parents to take time to “reflect” on their “whiteness.” Education officials confirmed to the New York Post on Tuesday that the East Side Community School in Manhattan has distributed material aimed at building an “ethnography of whiteness, since white people have been the ones writing about and governing others.” Some of the material involves a ranking system in which white people self-identify as one of eight identities, ranging from “White Supremacist” to “White Abolitionist.”

Antiracism means anti-Whiteness. But so often the left gets White people much better than conservatives, who in their blind rage to abolish identity politics, for Whites only, of course, fail to understand history, as they start with liberalism. In the picture above, you will see the eight categories of Whiteness. And you will never guess who is behind this.

Principal Mark Federman of East Side Community School in New York City distributed literature outlining “8 White Identities,” the New York Post reported Tuesday. The material, which the Post confirmed with the school was distributed to parents, is based on curriculum by critical race theorist and Northwestern University associate professor of African American Studies Barnor Hesse. It is, said a New York City Education official, aimed to inspire White parents to “reflect” on their “Whiteness.” 

That’s right, a jew named Mark Federman teamed up with a black professor Barnor Hesse to tell White children to hate themselves. This is literally state-funded genocide, civil rights violations and hate crimes, not to mention mass child abuse. Now, if you are Redpilled on the forces of White genocide and you are not in the category of “White Supremacist”, that “clearly marked White society that preserves, names and values White superiority”, you’re not Redpilled, you’re just a pussy. Wanting a White society makes you a White Supremacist. So stop explaining away why you are not and just embrace that yes, you believe White people should build societies for themselves where they are in charge.



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