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This is primarily an opinion blog, not an objective source of news, meaning I do not simply report goings on the world, but I also comment on them. Very often I will broach topics that are stomach turning and distasteful to say the least; I have very often taken the devil’s advocate position for some of the grossest of crimes, in order to better evaluate the situation at hand. No such commentary is ever meant as an endorsement of illegal activity of any kind. All and any activity that in any way violates any and all laws of the United States is absolutely and unequivocally disavowed and condemned. Even hints of calls to illegal activity will be promptly reported to the police without hesitation.

This Page is meant to introduce you to my ideas. It is not exhaustive by any means. A full list of policy initiatives I support will be forthcoming in a future blog post to be linked on this page.

First, I believe that Western Civilization is on the brink of total destruction. This is not in the way of nuclear war or genocide outright, but of being undermined and degraded from within. This is being done first by a hostile elite ethnic group, namely Jews. It is also being done by the coalition of the people of color along with their White enthusiasts. Jews need antisemitism in order to neutralize any opposition to their supremacy. The Jews are the enemy of all mankind as St Paul says and killed Jesus Christ, cursed their children and offered His blood to be upon their hands. Offer accepted! The Jews have been at the forefront of the sexual revolution, the gay rights movement, the civil rights movement, the promotion of anti-White history (e.g. Holocaust, slavery, Indian genocide, etc.), degeneracy in Hollywood, promotion of pornography, transgenderism and feminism, the anti-Jihad, pro Zionist movement, the overthrow of Christianity, White genocide, a controlled opposition corporate news media, race mixing and the push for egalitarianism among all groups. Ethnic Jews are the sworn enemies of the White race. However, none of this would be possible if Whites did not have a unique capacity to be their own worst enemy. Whites have literally gone to the moon and yet have spent hundreds of years fighting over theological quarrels. Our own greatness is our greatest weakness: we have a naive out-group altruism that seeks to treat other groups as equal to us. We believe everyone to be of good will and accept the guilt trip that has been thrust upon us. We have allowed ourselves to be abused by the interracial violence of non-Whites towards us, while decrying racism as they kill our sons and rape our daughters. In short, the White race is self-destructing. The first step in undoing this is to recognize the utter falsity of White guilt, that Whites are not responsible for the evils in the world; that in fact, Whites are unique in our adherence to almost divine moral standards. Whites are unique in our achievements and have singlehandedly built every great civilization in history, invented every human invention, started and finished every intellectual movement, contributed almost solely to every field of knowledge and have given to the world prosperity to even the most savage non-White tribes. And the thanks we get is utter contempt. Enough is enough. We deserve to live free from the guilt of whatever past wrongs our ancestors did and to shoot for the stars once again.

Second, I believe the White race is not only being demoralized by anti-White propaganda, but is also on the brink of extinction. White birth rates across the world have never been lower, while hordes of non-Whites flood into our homelands at the express wishes of the cosmopolitan elites who rule us. If White people do not take back their homelands by building counter institutions of power (e.g. political parties, legal defense orgs, large families, geographic communities, businesses, funds, etc.) we will be annihilated from the earth. Scientists all agree the majority of species that existed on this planet no longer do. It can happen to us. As such, White people must not simply oppose the left, but the right as well. We must oppose the anti-White system of Holocaust mythology, slavery and Indian genocide. We must oppose the rewriting of history with Whites as uniquely evil and deserving of shame and in need of atonement. We must reject race mixing, integration, humans rights dogma and racial equality. We must believe in the innate supremacy of the White race and seek to secure our dominance. However, we must reject any notion of mistreatment towards other races, either as individuals or as groups. We must revive an explicit White Savior mentality, whereby we the inferiority of other racial groups while comporting ourselves as a race of gentlemen and gods among animals. To this end, we must support the decent removal of all non-Whites, including Jews, from White countries by repatriation, emigration and payment to leave.

Third, I believe the Catholic Church to be in crisis. Ever since the Protestant Reformation, the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, the Catholic Church has slowed become more and more liberal. Ever since the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s, the Catholic Church has been completely subverted by heretics and apostates. This to such an extent that we hold the Holy See to be currently vacant since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958. All of his successors, whatever appearance they have of legitimate election or authority, do not posses the authority of Christ to teach, rule and sanctify the faithful as the successors of St. Peter. We also hold that all those in communion of these antipopes, including all religious orders, dioceses, clerics and layfolk, and such resistance groups as the SSPX are heretical and non-Catholic groups. However, we do support an active effort to explain the theological position of Sedevacantism to those who have unluckily found themselves in these groups. Many are there through no fault of their own and are guiltless if that is the case. We also hold that feeneyites such as the Diamond Brothers are heretics and outside the Church. We reject the New rite of Holy Orders and the New Mass as both invalid and the valid masses of the SSPX as illicit and intrinsically immoral. I reject the doctrines of Vatican II and all the decrees of the Vatican since the death of Pope Pius XII, including the canonization of saints, the 1983 code of canon law, any and all decrees of excommunication, and the new sacramental or liturgical rites. I also reject any and all efforts to elect a new pope by such groups as the Palmar de Troya sect, who hold heretical views on many dogmas, whose orders are dubious and whose claim to jurisdiction is null. We as Traditional Catholics do not possess the authority nor the unbroken line of succession necessary to elect a new pope. Such is only possible if the current Novus Ordo modernists who occupy the Vatican convert or step down and allow others to take their place. We leave the fate of Church to almighty God, trusting in the Holy Ghost to guide her in whatever way she sees fit. In the meantime, we must hold fast to the doctrine of the Church in the face of all odds and understand that mystery is compatible with Catholicism; error is not.

Fourth, I believe the economic system of capitalism, which we all Western countries live under, to be intrinsically evil and immoral. Capitalism purports to be a system of free enterprise and competition, driven not by ideology but by profit. It also purports to hold business accountable and level the playing field of production making. In fact, capitalism has required government to bail it out every ten years in the United States alone. The massive amounts of wealth inequality, where Jeff Bezos is worth $200 billion and half is workers are on food stamps for examples, are symptoms of a system that has hollowed out the middle class. A strong middle class is only possible in an all White society, but it is also only possible through government regulation, the ending of mergers and monopolies, wealth taxes, nationalizing or even abolishing central banks and the return of the means of production to communities. However, there is also the environmental question: the consumerist lifestyle of the bourgeois is not sustainable. The earth and it’s resources are finite, as is the amount of abuse (e.g. pollution) it can take. As such, to be anti-Capitalist must also require an opposition to the materialism of socialism and Marxism, and a return to the spiritual well being of our people as supreme in importance to any material goods they may posses. We must oppose mass production of limitless options when shopping and inhumane farming practices. There is no reason to have 100 different kinds of cookies to chose from, all of which requires destruction of the planet. But our opposition to capitalism must also include the profit motive. Greed is not a virtue and corporations are not amoral actors. We must see the glorification of obscene wealth and the privatization of social services as ways for the already powerful to further enrich themselves. Therefore, it is necessary for any anti-capitalist to support strong social services for our people. Attached at the bottom of this page will be a list of policy initiatives that anti-capitalists should support.

Finally, I believe the family is not simply under attack, but that the artificial nature of it is being promoted by certain non-left movements. I refer to the nuclear family which is an aberration and the result of the destruction of community cohesion and localism. As such, we must support the extended family with inter-generational living, which would eliminate the need for nursing homes, daycare centers and reduce domestic violence. We must also support the public funding of adoption to eliminate parentless children and true animal rights to revive the Aryan spirit, which is a romantic love of nature. Building local communities in real life of families who share our values living in close proximity is key to a strong support network. We will be able to rely on each other if we are persecuted and would virtually eliminate the threat of non-White violence. This will allow future generations of White children to have a carefree children that has been stolen from them by the forcing of diversity down our throats. White people agree with me and White flight of the past 50 years, which has the impetus for the creation of the suburbs, is proof of this. White people will do just about anything to live away from diversity, even if they support racial equality and reject White identity politics. Their actions say otherwise and we should point this out to them to make them aware of their hypocrisy and possibly redpill them to our goals.

In conclusion, I support the flourishing and dominance of the White race without influence from or integration of Jews or non-Whites; the natural, genetic and moral supremacy of the White Race and a paternalism towards inferior races; the restoration of the Catholic Church into the hands of actual Catholic clergy and popes who will condemn modernism and abolish the reforms of Vatican II; the abolition of capitalism and other materialistic worldviews to be replaced with an economic system that supports a strong middle class, a nurturing and caring elite and a promotion of social cohesion; natalist and positive eugenic policies to promote breeding among the best, brightest and most beautiful of the White race, but also incentives to marriage and extended inter-generational family living; and finally, the elimination of diversity, race mixing and integration as detrimental to the White race and as soft genocide of our people, and the total replacement of mongrelization with a love of nature and true romantic traditionalism.

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